VC 10 to Bangkok

The VC 10 was not a very common aircraft and I only ever had the opportunity to fly in it once. Essential it was a bit like flying in a Boeing 727. Engines at the back made the cabin very quiet. This flight of mine was on BOAC from Zuerich to Damascus, Calcutta and Bangkok.Continue reading “VC 10 to Bangkok”

Travelling in the past

Having worked through my ‘old’ 35mm slides I thought that I feature these, together with a small story. For the one of you, who do not know what 35mm slides are. Slides were commonly produced prior to the digital camera age for use in slide projectors, next to negative film, which was used for prints.Continue reading “Travelling in the past”

Digital Nomad

Part 1 I just came across this term a few days ago. Shows how much behind one can fall. Well, what is digital nowadays, was analogue in the past. So in that term for most of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I was an analog nomad, exploring parts of the world with my Leica camerasContinue reading “Digital Nomad”