Lines…into the distance

In this short blog I like to draw your attention how lines direct your eyes. Magically the eyes follow the lines into the far distance. This effect is enhanced by working with wide angle lenses. When you take pictures, just think about it and use this effect to make your images more interesting. All imagesContinue reading “Lines…into the distance”

Fascination of light and shadow

Who said that photography is like painting with light? Light and shadows are what makes a photograph interesting. Of course we do not always have the chance to control how the light falls or the time to come back at a better time of day. Of course it is beneficial to be able to checkContinue reading “Fascination of light and shadow”


This panorama was taken in New Zealand. Panorama is how we see the world. Not 3:2, 4:3, 16:9. But wide. Nature has given us the ability to have a wide view. In a social and political context, it would be great if all people would make use of it all the time. But there, asContinue reading “Panoramas”

Digital Nomad 2

Were where we….ah, yeah in the departure hall. Aircrafts back in the 60’s, 70’s and even early eighties were Boeing 707, DC8, Coronados or VC10. These aircraft had usually 6 across seating and one centre aisle. It is very interesting to contemplate that recently narrow body aircraft are considered again for transatlantic and longer flightsContinue reading “Digital Nomad 2”


The magic of fisheye Do we actually know if fish see the world like this? I am not sure. But fisheye photography has something magic, if used correctly. Fisheye photography does not have to be circular. A rectangular 3:2 aspect ratio, filled, can still give you a strong fisheye impression. Depending how you position yourContinue reading “Fisheye”

The Atlas of Beauty

I read about this book in a review and got curious by the story behind it. Since I am as well in photography, I ordered the book. This book, this project, is more then the title promises. Every page tells an as amazing story, as the one of the photographer, Mihaela Noroc herself. Each ofContinue reading “The Atlas of Beauty”