The charm of old factories

There is something about old factories. Factories which have seen better times. Factories, which have been shut down because they were uneconomical. Because they were no longer environmentally friendly. Because…… . All over the world we can see these abandoned complexes. Many of those could be found in the previous DDR, East Germany, but almostContinue reading “The charm of old factories”

Australia’s history by facades

Travelling through Australia’s country towns, one can get interesting insights by just looking at building facades and gables. Different to the big city, where many old architectural gems have been snapped up by developers and replaced with shiny, new, but expressionless buildings, the country towns have much less undergone such treatment. So it is withContinue reading “Australia’s history by facades”

The power of steam

A few years ago I was stading on the train platform in Nuremberg Main station, right next to an hitosrig 01 Lokomotive. Despite the December cold, one could feel the heat escaping from the huge boiler. Steam came out of several openings and the beast was ready to go. Several people were stading around asContinue reading “The power of steam”