I worked my way through some older notes this morning. Writing down some old travel logs to develop for future write ups. But saw also some more disjointed notes, which I think are still worth to mull over. Flying – I always loved flying. It is like being detached from earth, from everyday problems. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Traveling”

Bookstore or Online?

No doubt, Online is here to stay. But that bookstores are literally wiped out is something disconcerting. Why? I could talk about all the economic impact. How the value of the book itself as literature, as art, is diminished. How writers may feel lower valued, seeing their work being discounted. The environmental cost for deliveriesContinue reading “Bookstore or Online?”

On the Flight Deck

Since September 11, 2001 it has become increasingly difficult to enter the flight deck of an commercial airliner, even at the airport. With regret I always look though the open door when boarding, knowing that it would be exceptional circumstances which would give me access now. So with great fondness I do remember the instancesContinue reading “On the Flight Deck”