The end of Qantas Boeing 747

Wednesday 22 of July 2020 an era at Qantas is coming to an end with the departure of the last Boeing 747 from the Qantas fleet. My own Qantas 747 experience started back in 1973. This was the time when most long distance flights were done on either Boeing 707, Douglas DC8, Coronados and VC10’s.Continue reading “The end of Qantas Boeing 747”

VC 10 to Bangkok

The VC 10 was not a very common aircraft and I only ever had the opportunity to fly in it once. Essential it was a bit like flying in a Boeing 727. Engines at the back made the cabin very quiet. This flight of mine was on BOAC from Zuerich to Damascus, Calcutta and Bangkok.Continue reading “VC 10 to Bangkok”