Aviation Photography

all images copyright ncas_48 + Norbert Schmiedeberg

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 in Sydney

Images: Qantas Boeing 747-200 in Sydney, about 1973 > Alitalia DC-8 > Qantas last Boeing 747-400 leaving Sydney July 2020 > Douglas DC4/6 in Hamburg about 1966 > Viasa (Columbia) DC-8 in Rio > BOAC VC-10 Sydney > DC 3 VH-EWE > Boeing 7070 Sabena on approach to Frankfurt > BAC 1-11 > Airbus A300B4 Melbourne > Lufthansa Constellation at Munich airport display > Swissair Caravelle > SATA (Ecuador) ex Alitalia Caravelle > LTU Germany Caravelle > Swissair Convair Metropolitan in Stuttgart > DC 3 in Aviation Museum in Christchurch > Temora Aviation Museum > Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 Rheinland Pfalz in Frankfurt > Lufthansa Constellation > Flying in New Zealand > PanAm Boeing 707 in Stuttgart > Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 Rheilnland Pfalz retires and replaced by Boeing 747-800 > Airbus A300 Cockpit in Toulouse > Landing in Sydney after overnight flight.

PanAm Boeing 747-100 departure from Frankfurt
Lan Chile Boeing 707 (ex Lufthansa Berlin) between Madrid and Rio

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