Treasures in the neighborhood

Actually this is not about my immediate suburb, but the other end of town. But likewise, a treasure, you may not think to seek out. We all live in our areas, often for years and go in and out of various places. Sometimes for years, passing by shops, parks, restaurants, museums, galleries, never visiting them.Continue reading “Treasures in the neighborhood”

Spring has arrived – or not?

Spring is here, according to the calendar. But based on my cold feet, one could think different. The open water between Australia and Antarctica do not provide any resistance to the cold air masses drifting up. Even some snow fell in the mountainous areas south-west from Sydney. But the lovely blossoms remind us, that theContinue reading “Spring has arrived – or not?”

Historic Aircraft

One really iconic aircraft is the venerable DC3. Not only is it featured in many aviation museums, but there are still airlines flying it, so you can hitch a ride. But I have to admit that my last trip on a DC3 was in the 1970 in the Azores Islands. A surprisingly smooth and comfortableContinue reading “Historic Aircraft”

The dynamic of Black&White photography

There is something with B&W photography. I remember the times, when colour became affordable and B&W was regarded as old fashion. But nowadays, being flooded by colour, often as crass as possible, we enjoy not only the serenity of the black and white imagery, but appreciate the dynamic and the focus on ‘what really matters’.Continue reading “The dynamic of Black&White photography”