Aircraft within an airport

Being a frequent traveller, at least until Feb last year, visiting an airport always was something special for me. The atmosphere, noises, excitement…..everything, which goes with the beginning of a new journey. So being grounded by the pandemic has had a double impact. Sort of, making you feel lost, somehow. Thrown into a vacuum. WithContinue reading “Aircraft within an airport”

Transport in Chile in 1982

1982 seems like generations back. Nearly 40 years. But 40 years ago cars on the road in Germany, Australia, USA and many other countries looked decidedly more modern, than in Chile, which I visited briefly in June that year. A country in crisis. We may look at these images with some nostalgic yearning. But thisContinue reading “Transport in Chile in 1982”

Delicious food a very traditional way

We are living in a gadget filled world. Gadgets, which are supposed to make life easier. They do sometimes. But many times they just clutter up draws and cupboards. Often in the kitchen. A few years ago I spend a few days at a fazenda (farm) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A very traditional affair. InContinue reading “Delicious food a very traditional way”

Digital Nomad 3

By now we have moved on from flying in Analogue times to digital vs analogue photography. But flying, travelling and photography are all connected. Connectivity in analogue times was another issue. Back in the 70’s and. 80’s connection was much more basic. Rotary dial telephones were replaced by push button ones. Mobile phones or evenContinue reading “Digital Nomad 3”

Digital Nomad 2

Were where we….ah, yeah in the departure hall. Aircrafts back in the 60’s, 70’s and even early eighties were Boeing 707, DC8, Coronados or VC10. These aircraft had usually 6 across seating and one centre aisle. It is very interesting to contemplate that recently narrow body aircraft are considered again for transatlantic and longer flightsContinue reading “Digital Nomad 2”

Dissappearing China

For better or worse. China is changing. Becomes more modern. Concrete and glass. Obviously improvements. Bicycles are being replaced by cars or motorbikes. More hygienic and neat. More convenient for the people. But also better? Clean transport replaced by noisy and polluting one? Social structures replaced by the anonymity of modern apartment living? Traditional wayContinue reading “Dissappearing China”