Living with spider

Living in the northern bushland shire of Sydney, one is confronted with many creatures small and not so small. From lizards to spider, ants to mosquitos and geckos. Many like to share your comfortable home. But they are not always welcome. Except spiders. This was not always the case for me. I would hunt them,Continue reading “Living with spider”

Dissappearing China

For better or worse. China is changing. Becomes more modern. Concrete and glass. Obviously improvements. Bicycles are being replaced by cars or motorbikes. More hygienic and neat. More convenient for the people. But also better? Clean transport replaced by noisy and polluting one? Social structures replaced by the anonymity of modern apartment living? Traditional wayContinue reading “Dissappearing China”

Februar already

December and January have certainly been challanging times in Eastern Australia with the wildfires and thousand detrayed homes and half of a billion native animals destroyed. Bush fires are a normal in Australia and they are essential for the propagation of certain species. But this years fires not only exceeded the norm, but the seasonContinue reading “Februar already”