Curious cows

When I drive out into the country side, I love stopping at fields with cows grazing. Why? Once you come to a stop and open the car door, one by one, with few exceptions, heads start to turn towards you. Curious stares and sometimes tentative steps to towards the fence follow. If you call out,Continue reading “Curious cows”

Defying gravity

Delicate, but strong. Tree branches are amazing. They span meters into the air. Heavy, but elastic. Staying strong for years. Filigran into their tips and bulky and muscle packed like a bodybuilders arm. But they can snap like your pencil tip, with just a bit of pressure to much. Even in a light breeze. TheContinue reading “Defying gravity”

Sydney’s old train stations

In a modern world, we often cherish the old, sometimes playful designs of times gone by. Clean, glass covered architecture may be practical, modern and demonstrate how far we have developed, but it is the detail in the old, which makes us feel nostalgic, warm and homely, regardless where we are. St James underground stationContinue reading “Sydney’s old train stations”

Living with spider

Living in the northern bushland shire of Sydney, one is confronted with many creatures small and not so small. From lizards to spider, ants to mosquitos and geckos. Many like to share your comfortable home. But they are not always welcome. Except spiders. This was not always the case for me. I would hunt them,Continue reading “Living with spider”

Aircraft within an airport

Being a frequent traveller, at least until Feb last year, visiting an airport always was something special for me. The atmosphere, noises, excitement…..everything, which goes with the beginning of a new journey. So being grounded by the pandemic has had a double impact. Sort of, making you feel lost, somehow. Thrown into a vacuum. WithContinue reading “Aircraft within an airport”

Australia’s history by facades

Travelling through Australia’s country towns, one can get interesting insights by just looking at building facades and gables. Different to the big city, where many old architectural gems have been snapped up by developers and replaced with shiny, new, but expressionless buildings, the country towns have much less undergone such treatment. So it is withContinue reading “Australia’s history by facades”