Possum in the flowerpot

If you grow some herbs and flowers on our balcony and knowing, that you are living in Possum territory, you can expect nightly visits. Possums, while cute to look at, are cunning and clever in finding holes, or, even make them, when it comes to get some food or a protected sleeping place. They areContinue reading “Possum in the flowerpot”


I worked my way through some older notes this morning. Writing down some old travel logs to develop for future write ups. But saw also some more disjointed notes, which I think are still worth to mull over. Flying – I always loved flying. It is like being detached from earth, from everyday problems. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Traveling”

Getting older

Getting older is often seen as permanent decline into an age in which one is not worth anything anymore. Even more so, if there are no children and one lives alone. Just waiting that the switch will be turned off. I find it interesting to see the ‘block’ some older people build up in evenContinue reading “Getting older”