Bhutan continues – to Thimphu

It is so cold and windy that we have breakfast in the meal tent today.

The trek now rises to the next pass through huge rhododendron forest, which must be beautiful when in bloom in April. We climb again to over 4000 meter.

It is sunny, as the wind has swept the morning clouds away.
We have been lucky with the weather so far.

The walk is not easy, due to large rocks and boulders in the way and large water puddles.
The arduous trek from yesterday still tasks the sore leg muscles.

It is a steady climb, a descend and a climb again.

Some stray dogs have joined us and walk with us.

To my horror I discover that my new Digital Camera has given up. So back to analog photography, but with very limited film supply, this time.

Ahead of us another, long slope. Slightly exhausted we reach the top and are rewarded with a glamorous view over some of the snow capped Himalaya Mountains.

Trekking really is like everyday life. Up and down. Sometimes you almost despair, but then comes the high moment, which makes it all worthwhile.

Lunch has passed and we now trek along a mountain ridge. Large granite rocks hang over on one side. Suddenly some excitement. A yak has been spotted on top of one of the boulders. Gazing down at us, its shaggy hair blowing in the wind.

We are getting down to farm land. Farmers are collecting herbs for the making of incense.

Together with the farmers, houses appear, temples and over all a smoke haze from the wood fire.

Up another slope and we reach the highest point of our trek today. A view opens up and there is, Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu.

Today the walk is short but taxing. We reach our camp at 2 pm in the afternoon and all of us, after a quick lunch, collapse and sleep much of the afternoon away.

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