On face masks

Face Masks

As governments around the world remove mask requirements against Covid infections, I like to expand on the usefulness of face masks in public for different reasons.

We have seen massive demonstrations in many western countries against compulsory mask wearing in the last 2 1/2 years and I am wondering, why is mask wearing such an issue?

The Japanese have been wearing masks in winter and even in summer for many years. Not only out of protection for themselves, but also out of courtesy to others.

I personally fail to see the issue around the masks, apart from the fact that my glasses are fogging up.

I have used masks on long distance overnight flights and during transit in several airports for many years. I had noted that often after a transit in Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok and other airports I came home with a cold. Wondering why, knowing it could not just be a temperature issue, I started to look at people behaviours.
I noted that some nationalities don’t cover their mouth or nose when sneezing. So at times I know I have walked into a cloud of expelled bacteria and thus must have caught the cold.

Research, triggered throughout the pandemic, has shown that clouds of expelled bacteria may linger in the air for much longer then we think.
So wearing a mask makes sense, as long as you do it correctly and cover both, nose and mouth.

In addition as I got older, I found that wearing a mask during walks in cold winter days, was beneficial since I would not breathe in the freezing air.

So what is it that makes people abhor mask’s?

PS: I just wish, someone would invent a mask which does not fog up glasses.

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