Travel in the past

Not that long ago, taking pictures was a challenging undertaking, even in our ‘moderate’ environment.

The cameras were usually heavy, the films more sensitive the environmental factors, like heat and humidity or in later years to luggage-X-ray. Of course in the 60’s we saw the emergence of the Instamatic and Agfa Rapid cameras, and shortly after the Pocket cameras. These were great inventions to photographic mobility, but overall most cameras were larger and film was still the medium for picture taking.

But going back further, the 1950’s, 1940’s or even earlier, and all of this had very different dimensions. Sure the Leica camera had been invented and with it came 35mm film, but these were costly and not everywhere available.

Recently I found some old photographs from these early times and scanned them. Some are from Brasil and some from a late friend, a German Photographer who lived in Quito, Ecuador.

As you can see, taking pictures had their challenges and maybe you ended up a souvenir in the hands of an Indio.

Flying over the Andes
Ecuadorian Indios
this is how you could have ended up
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