The chocolate factory.

You enter the large, timber and brick building. Already at the entrance you are welcomed by the delicious smell of hot chocolate. The old timber beams add to the welcoming atmosphere.

Here in the mid-west of NSW you would never expect a chocolate factory.

Cattle, grain, other farm produce, but choco?

At the edge of Junee, once a most important railway interchange and still a major transport hub for cargo trains, sits the impressive factory of sweet delights.

Inside an old style rail carriage in the Junee Roundhouse Railway museum.

Entering the factory is through an impressive arch into a garden. One side of the building has an outdoor seating area, in spring, awash with blossoms.

Inside it is not only choco, but a fascinating collection of antique and snick snack. Some to admire and some to take home. For cash of course.

Soon our feet, tired from climbing stairs lead us to the coffee shop for some liquid delight accompanied by cake or more substantial things.

But then, wallet beware, the shop. A chance to fill up any space in your car with chocolative and other goodies to take home.

That is, if they last that long.

But it will be, “Good for the soul, less so for the hips.”

Where to? Junee, in the centre west of NSW, Australia.

But indulge. It is a long way to the residential centers of this big land.

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