Spring pleasures

While the southern Hemisphere in sinking into the dark winter months and cold feet and noses are the standard every day, the Northen Hemisphere enjoys warming days, lovely flowers and lush green grass.

It is with everything in life. Up and down. Happy and sad. Sun and snow.

This is not to say that snow can not be nice. In fact powdery, fresh snow, gleaming white is just beautiful, covering everything and create a silence in life. Sitting behind a window and seeing the snow falling, also allows you to have peace in your heart.

Enjoy every facet of your life. You only have one. The flowers, the blue sky, the snow and everything in between. Enjoy it now, not sometimes in a future which may never come. Do not procrastinate, because you may loose something, someone due to inaction and delaying. Soemone you love. But everytime you loose, you loose part of your life.

Humans have often the tendency to make big stories out of small things. Stories which are obsolete next day. Having solved themselfs. We make life sometimes harder then neccesary. And in the end, you may think you are winning, you loose.

Focus on today, now, the moment. Take full advantage of it and get all out of it. It is not the distant future which counts, but what you have in your hand.

Recently I spoke with my sister. My brother-in-law died 5-6 years ago. She said, but he had so much planned. He wanted to go there and there. He wanted to do this and that in retirement. He died unexpected, on the carpet in front of her from an illness creeping up in his body. An illness which could have been contained with a visit to a doctor. A visit which was delayed and delayed. There is no certainty in the future only in Now.

Enjoy life.

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