Update to our site

If you have previousely visited us, you saw a different design. I have decided to change from the heavy balck to a more friendly background colour and a different layout, with the latest blogs at the top. If you click on the header of the blog you open it and get the related pictures.

To get back, just click on the header line.

As this is work in progress, you will nsee more changes, better defined pages and a camera trading page. In fact, being a Leica fan, I am planning to set up a Leica Exchange page in which you can trade your camera. All cameras we sell, will be inspected and tested and come with the manadory NSW, Australia consumer warranty and are covered by NSW consummer laws. We may have to restrict our return policy, since cameras and lenses can easily damaged when in use, we will allow returns in the domestic market with refunnds if the product comes back in the same condition as shipped. All product will be photographed and any usage marks will be documented. Of course for international sales, there is a no-return policy.

More about this and more in the near future.


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