What happened to the Caravelles?

American airliners often looked a bit more macho, in particular the Boeing 737 with its eyebrows, while the DC-8, admittedly had more elegant lines.

But the French Caravelle had elegance. A bit like Haute Coutier in aviation.

In fact the Caravelle even made it into the USA airline inventory. Though most likely not because of elegance.

But the time for these airliners ran out very quick. In particular in the Northern Hemisphere. But a few ended up in South America.

Back in the early 70’ I saw some examples in Ecuador with European airline history and had the last opportunity to fly with one.

Saeta in Quito. I think, ex Alitalia
Some flew for the German charter airline LTU
Caravelle from Air Inter on display at Airbus museum in Toulouse.

So I felt a bit sad having seen the demise of the aircraft. Maybe you know where they ended up?

I think this Caravelle flew between New Caledonia and Sydney.
Air Toulouse in Seville in 1993. I think this aircraft now is as Airbus Toulouse for ‘restauration’.
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