Mirror Photography

Photography is supposed to be fun. Isn’t it? Maybe not always for the professional and in particular the photo journalist, but for the rest of us, it should be.

So fun means we can be creative and not stick to the rules?

Of course, as long as you like the results and other viewers as well.

With this in mind, I went to IKEA and bought some bathroom mirror tiles. Now, these are made from glass and therefore could break easily. More so, they are back coated and could create double imaging effects. Mylar types do not have this problem and are lighter. But they damage easily and are not the best when it gets really wet. Something very timely with all the rain we are having here.

So I took the mirror and drove down to a bit more secluded spot in our national park, since I did not want too many bystanders around asking silly questions. I placed the mirror on the ground and this is the result. Not bad for a first trial. I took a few more pictures and some I ‘massaged’ a bit in Affinity. Really encouraging results. So once the rain stops, I will go out again and ‘play’ a bit more around.

The camera was a Lumix SR1 with a Leica/ Rokkor 80mm manual lens.

So try it, instead of buying a mirror, your wife or girlfriend may have a make-up mirror you can ‘borrow’, just don’t break it or you will be in photographers hell. Have fun.

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