Teamwork – essential for life

Regardless if we work alone at home or in a large corporation in a crowded office, teamwork is essential. Essential for survival and essential for your mental health.

Teamwork can very well include external workers and business partners, sine we all, within an industry or a country form a team, even a very loosely one.

This is often forgotten or sometimes, in corporate culture even discouraged between competing departments.

I remember working for a very large, industry leading corporation in which different departments, which served overlapping client bases, teamwork, between colleagues from these departments was discouraged. The argument: “I will not allow anything from my budget, which could benefit this or thas department”, was a statement of a department manager.

But in reality, this teamwork would have not only benefited his own department, but also the regional office and the whole company. Working in a team, sharing experience and resources would have made not only the company stronger, but benefited the development of every staff member and, I am sure the bottom line of the department in question.

How important teamwork can be, even with team members you may never meet, was brought home to me in an episode of Aircrash Investigation, whereby not only the teamwork on the flight deck resulted in survival of all on board, but the teamwork, over at maintenance is critical for the performance and safety of this aircraft, as the teamwork with the air traffic control.

In a time where more and more people decide to work from home, alone, teamwork, sharing of experience and information and solving problems together, even over distance, is ever more important than before. But I noted that this aspect seems to be forgotten in many of the discussions. That good teamwork is beneficial to mental health is just another positive side effect.

Think about it when you embark on your task’s today. The colleague, you may perceive as the competitor, may actually be the team member which can help your professional future.

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