A bit of aviation history – Convair Metropolitan and Swissair

Two forgotten brands, though both pioneers of their industry.

Swissair, a famous brand with a great reputation for service, safety and reliability. But some of these aspects, those of the adherence to procedures, aided the downfall of this great airline with the crash of a DC 10-30 near Halifax, New Foundland.

I have enjoyed Swissair on many trips between Stuttgart and Zurich, mainly on DC-9, and beyond on Concair 990 Coronado and DC-10 to Barcelona, Madrid, Brasil, Spain, Bangkok, Hong Kong before the airline had to be re-born as Swiss and as a private carrier. Though I have to say that all my experiences on the new Swiss have been a pleasure and the airline name associated with Switzerland has not lost its luster.

What the aircraft is concerned, I never had a chance to fly the Convair 340/440 Metropolitan. This aircraft revitalised the inner German services of Lufthansa, post WW2, and provided similar services at Swissair and other airlines for its European routes.

Lufthansa + KLM Convair Metropolitan

The last Convair prop flights by Chatham Airlines have now also ceased, as I believe. With this great airliner now only to be seen in aviation museums. HARS the aviation history museum, south of Sydney has a great example of an ex TAA Convair.

Chatham Convair in Christchurch, New Zealand
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