Curious cows

When I drive out into the country side, I love stopping at fields with cows grazing.


Once you come to a stop and open the car door, one by one, with few exceptions, heads start to turn towards you.

Curious stares and sometimes tentative steps to towards the fence follow. If you call out, even the heads reluctant to leave the juicy grass will rise and turn towards you.

It makes you almost feel like a celebrity. Almost, since not only do you not get an ovation, in fact this bovine audience is always ready, if close enough, to panicky storm away at the wrong move or sound.

But is is lovely to study the faces. The curious eyes. The different courage of individuals or their total indifference towards the human intruder. But given time, the interest wanes and the grass gains importance over you. Like asking you to get on your way and let piece resume. Reminding you that humans are not the most important species on this world. Humbling really.

As I said, I love stopping at ……

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