Every year again


This is a typical German Christmas Bread, claimed to be invented in either Schwaben or Bavaria. Both are in the southen part of Germany.

Since in past history the borders between the states were not like today and in fact much of Schwaben belonged to Austraia, it is acceptable that both states claim this invention.

What is Hutzelbrot? It is a sweet bread made from Rye flower and lost of dried fruit and nuts. If you know how to bake with yeast, it is really very easy and many variations can be found on the internet.

Hutzelbrot is not only very tasty, it can, despite the name ‘bread’ to be eaten for afternoon coffee and tea as well as for breakfast. It is also a healthy snack for in-between.

Yesterday two Hutzelbrot came out of the oven on my home. The did not only look beautiful, but the smell permeated the whole place.

One great aspect is that Hutzelbrot last very long and can be frozen. In fact it is recommended to let the bread rest for at least four weeks after baking, so that it can develop its full flavour.

So why don’t you try it yourself. Guten Appetit.

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German national residing in Australia for more then 30 years. My passion is travel, photography and audio visual production. I love aviation and immersive AV programs to enjoy, meditate and be inspired.

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