A smile

Life can be increadibly hard at times. Sometimes it seems the challenges never leave off. It is easy to fall into despair.

Depending on how and where you grew up, you may expect to work in a given settings, like being employed all the time and looked after the government, if you fall on hard times. In other settings, you are always on your owm and only your family and community can give you strength and support.

In the country I grew up, it was expected to have a job for life, maybe all the time in the same company, pay into your pension fund, compulsory by the government, and retire with a moderate pension at 65.

Things have changes since. Jobs are more often than not, not for life. Corporations, even if government regulation tries to prevent or reduce it, still get rid of staff, whenever shareholder’s and executives are woprried about their income and values.

Companies, once regarded to big to fail, just go under. Even government jobs are not for life and need to be re-applied for regularely, and pensions, many times, are reduced by inflation, low interest and pressures due to an aging population.

So you may think running your own business be a way out. For some, yes it works. Works very well. But for some, despite the greatest effort and intentions, it does not. Staff may think you are rich. Other people certainly think you are. But in reality you work 60+ hours a week, while your staff works 36.5. You rarely get an undisurbed holiday and if the times get tough, only you take the paycut.

But this is life. Up and downs. Easy going and hardship. Side by side.

So focus on the things you cherish and take time to do so. The sunrise in the morning. Like today. Blue sky at first, then suddenly fog. But 15 minutes later the sun burns it away and a beautiful, warm, soft light appears giving everything a nice glow. A glow as we expect for Christmas. A glow, we hope for every day. A glow which reminds us, that this world can be beautiful and that life is not only money, property, wealth.

It is about enjoying nature around us. The people who choose to be with us. All the little and big things. The car which we drive to work, instead of walking three hours as my mother had to do. The comfortable office chair and not a standing desk as common a 100 years ago. The warm apartment instead the newspaper cover under a bridge. The moning coffee instead of stale water.

If you consider all of this, you should smile. Smile to yourself and smile to others. It is this smile, which will be worth more than any dollar in your bank account. It will elicit smiles from you wife, your children, your staff and even the usually grumpy waitress at your coffee shop.

Try it.

This wrirt up was inspired by the picture below. A wharf worker, in Songkla, Thailand, in a makeshift vehicle. Grimy, dirty, hot. But a great smile on his face, as this was the best live on earth he could have.

Maybe he had?

Take care.

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