Freedom again

After 15 Weeks, the first time again, having morning coffee in my coffee shop. What a feeling!

Of course, 15 weeks lockdown is nothing compared to 200 + days, cities like Melbourne or Buenos Aires had to endure.

Lockdown and restricted to 5km travel around your home makes you feel like living on a small island. Now that we are back to travel all over Sydney, is like being on the mainland again and not really knowing what to do with the freedom.
Though country side travel is still restricted to us and real, international travel still some time off.

Why do I say real international travel, if the government wants to open the borders from next month already?

Well let’s face it. The selection of destinations is still restricted and who knows, if one may find revised or toughen entry conditions again on return. So better be cautious with the booking.
Also far fewer airlines now venture down to Aussie land, which will have an impact on airfares, etc..

But all this will change over time and I can not wait for the day, when the plane breaks through the cloud cover, like we have in the moment, and the wide, blue, sky opens up next to my window.

That is, until my seat neighbour or the flight attendant will ask the window shade to be pulled down so that other passengers can view the inflight entertainment unimpared. As being glued to a small screen, what we do more often that not anyway, is all what life is about.

Looking out of an aircraft window, seeing the clouds, the billowing tropical ones, which rise high up above you; the dark threatening ones, which harbour a thunderstorm or the small ones, which look like sheep, is, what I think, one of the greatest experiences in our world. The spectacle nature brings out for us, day after day, at no extra charge.

The change of feeling we experience, once we dip down into the murky grey rain cover. First the soft clouds gangling for the wing tips and soon after swallow the wings and the window goes grey. Some bumps go through the aircraft as the waterlogged clouds hit the fuselage.

The slight uneasy feeling as the aircraft decends towards the ground, but nothing is visible.
You may know that there are mountains around, you can sense them, but not see them.
Or what about other aircraft, having the same destination or crossing our path.

Even knowing much about flying, I always marvel of how, most of the time, the men and women at front and in the air traffic control, bring us back down safely to the ground. The relive as the wheels bump on the runway and we decelerate.

Flying, despite all of its technological advances, is still one of the great experiences and a wonder, humans have engineered, sustained and advanced.

But for know I have to live with the shining eyes above the facemasks of the waitresses who are glad to be on the job again. And these eyes, which can see so much, are one of the greatest means of expression, humans have to offer. Eyes do not lie.

Now my coffee is finished and back out into the rain. Until next time, that is.

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