Thief in the night

What do you do, when you are in lockdown and can not go anywhere outside the 5km radius around your house.

Soon you will have exhausted all the interesting places. One past time, many people took up is cooking, but herbs are really expensive to buy. So, if you have a balcony, even a small one, what better to grow some yourself. Throw in some strawberry plants, which can be grown in a pot.

In preparation for the growing, the balcony was fortified with protective lattice and other open areas were covered with aviary mesh against marauding birds and other animals.

All good, it seemed.

One night a noise could be heard on the balcony. But by the time the curtains were drawn and the light turned on, nothing could be seen.

Another night, some pots dropped to the floor. Again, no culprit.

But one morning, about 1 am, some rattle of the lattice, which covered the balcony at two sides. Lights on and here he was, nibbling away on the strawberry plants. A possum, who had found the way onto the balcony. Probably it was the same animal, which was heard previously.

Now possums are protected and they are really cute to look at. However they have a reputation of fierceness when cornered and you do not want to make an aquantance with their strong claws, which allows them to climb up trees.

Now it appears that the startled animal had forgotten where its escape was and scuttled off to the opposite of the balcony. Trying to protect the remaining plants it would not be a good idea to leave it to its own devices. So a broomstick had to come to the rescue and some gentle prodding, carefully not to hurt the animal, made it move into the right direction. Finally to the hole, which had been forgotten to be closed and out from the balcony, not without throwing a soulful look back.

This hole was also plugged and for days afterwards the possum could be heard trying to find the way in for a delicious meal. As they are very territorial, it can be expected that it will return, in particular when the strawberries ripen,

By the way, one plant was nibbled down to a very small stump and a tiny bit of leave. But believe it or not, this maligned plant has grown back and now trumps the other one in size. Maybe later in summer it will bear fruit. If yes, you will be able to see it here.

Here it is, the thief in the night.
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