Possum in the flowerpot

If you grow some herbs and flowers on our balcony and knowing, that you are living in Possum territory, you can expect nightly visits.

Possums, while cute to look at, are cunning and clever in finding holes, or, even make them, when it comes to get some food or a protected sleeping place. They are great climbers and able to sneak through the smalles of holes.
Since they are nocturnal, one very rarely get to see them during the day, I only saw one once and it seemed to be an older animal and sick.

Anyway, last night there was some noise on the balcony and there he was. Sleeping in the flowerpot.
It seemed that the warm and protected space was more important, than the food aspect, but no chances taken, everything was tried to get him or her to move out.

Since it was 2 am, every incentive was there to go back to bed. So a very long aluminium bar was used to prod the animal gently. They are a protected species and no need to be cruel.

Now, they are really cute to look at and it pained me to see the animal disturbed or frightened. But it was clear, that in the morning, all the herbs and flowers would have become a meal and all the labour and money poured in would go down the possums throat.

A bit more prodding created some movement, but in the wrong direction opposite to end of the balcony where he most likely had found an access point.

Eventually he moved and hid behind some flower pots only the tip of the nose and the tail were visible, while waiting for calm.

I let the animal settle down, turned off all the lights, made a cup of tea and when I came back, it was gone.

Come daylight, this last access point now needs to be found and covered. Possums should be in the wild and not on the balcony or inside your roof.

Update November: one of the strawberry plants, which were nibbled down to a tiny leaf and hardly any stem, has recovered beautifully and may carry fruit soon.

Images taken with an iPhone 6s

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