Tea versa Coffee

Even if you are a coffee aficionado, at times you come across a roast which leaves a long lingering and sometimes bitter taste. Sometimes it is just too much.

Why is this so? I don’t want to discuss, but there are countries, where the coffee is consistently bitter and appears over roasted. On the other hand. Coffee in Italy or Brazil can be so delightful, giving you the desired boost, but does not take refuge in your mouth for hours on end.

So what can you do about this. In some countries, like Austria, you get a cup of water automatically with your coffee and that makes already a difference.

But there is a better method I remembered, after getting annoyed by the coffee taste in my mouth 90 minutes after the early morning cup. Tea.

Many, many years ago I travelled to the western part of Thailand. To Mae Sot at the Burmese (Myanmar) border. About 1 hour up from Mae Sot into the mountains I came to one of the typical roadside shops and restaurant stops. This is an area of Thailand where they grow coffee. It is high and cool enough.
I revered a cup and with it came a glass with a reddish/brown liquid. I was wondering what this was and asked.
Tea was the answer. They automatically serve a tiny glass of tea with your coffee to reduce the aftertaste of the coffee. A coffee which was actually very good.

And yes it works very well. The roasting east of the coffee disappeared and just a small flavour of the coffee aroma lingered.

This morning, while I drove into the office I remembered. So wanting to get rid of the coffee east I made myself a cup of tea. Yes, the palette is cleaned out. No annoying coffee taste anymore and only a small lingering of tea flavour.

Travelling can really widen your horizon and you can learn from the natives, maybe better than any other way.

Let’s have another cuppa!

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