I worked my way through some older notes this morning. Writing down some old travel logs to develop for future write ups. But saw also some more disjointed notes, which I think are still worth to mull over.

Flying – I always loved flying. It is like being detached from earth, from everyday problems. Unfortunately, to many travelers, just shut the window blinds and focus on the screen in front of them. A pity really.

Looking out of an airliner window, seeing the endless blue shy above and the landscape or clouds below is something amazing.

We are so privileged to be able to experience this. Humans have for millions of years tried to do this. But the best was to climb a high mountain, if one was available, spend hours or days doing this and only to find that the peak was engulfed in clouds.

Or trying like Ikarus, with fatal results.

Flying – Not being contactable. A pity with constant WiFi, this may also be a thing of the past. But for now, just switch it off. Enjoy the freedom for just being yourself. Just you in the dural tube. The rest far below you in their small offices, in the traffic jam, in the marital fight or whatever goes on. But you are far above everything. Soaring.

Clouds – Watching summer or thunderstorm clouds from earth can be amazing. I think far to few people ever marvel about this spectacle of nature and complain more if a cloud takes out the browning sunshine. Clouds from a place are something different. Small white tufts, like sheep on a meadow. Towering giants, which reach far above your flying height. Big dark blue or even black ones with lightening inside. Threatening, but fascinating. I find it amazing when the aircraft descends and the cover of clouds appears. We dive into it. But instead of the hard thump when hitting water, the soft vapor slides over the wings and creeps slowly up the windows until we are engulfed by the grey mass.

Flying – The stewardess, yes at my time we called them like this. Flight attendants are smiling (sometimes), offering you a drink, a meal, a snack, a blanket. How they complete the experience. This is why I love legacy airlines and shun low cost. The few dollars extra can make travel such a better experience.

Other planes – Seeing another aircraft from your window is something….sometimes frightening if they cross your path and you don’t know if they may hit….Amazing, to see this tiny spot growing, growing wings, a shape and is already past….Exiting, if it flies along you. At s slight angle, so that you or he (it) is faster and disappears as quick as it came….at night, when the mysterious blinking of the anti collision light is the only other thing you can see, apart from starts above.

Contrail from another aircraft

A question was once asked ‘Which smell is most memorable to you?”. For me the smell entering an aircraft. From the sterile smell of the air bridge to the atmosphere of the airliner. A mixture of plastic, fabric, air freshener, perfume, travel and world. Different with every airline. Exiting all the time.

Grounded – for now we are grounded. At least for international travel. I look forward getting on board again. Roaring into the sky and forget everything below me……

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