Getting older

The author, a long, long time ago. Nowadays it would be a bit more of a struggle to get up here.

Getting older is often seen as permanent decline into an age in which one is not worth anything anymore. Even more so, if there are no children and one lives alone. Just waiting that the switch will be turned off.

I find it interesting to see the ‘block’ some older people build up in even venture into anything anymore. Saw a recent program called “old people home for 4 years old” and was amazed how many times I heard from the older participants that they feel insecure, are not mobile anymore, would not do certain things, and so on.

Of course as we age, our bodies to more or lesser extend may not keep up with our minds anymore. And it seems that there is a corresponding effect, in that people than believe their minds are equally as limited as their bodies have become.

I don’t want to downplay the aches and pains an aging body may create and how much harder it may be to climb up a pair of stairs or worse.

But…and this is the chicken and the egg question. What is first. Declining body or declining mind. Is aging to some extend only a mindset question? Forget the look into the mirror. Look inside and observe what you see.

In many cases I believe people making themselves older, than they are. If I hear someone saying “I am to old for this” or “I am old”, I think they set the stage for being old, even if they actually are not.

Sure at times, one has to overcome the devil of aching limbs. But than, limbs which are being used, get stronger. The balance is better, climbing stairs is better, driving the car is easier and negotiating the challenges of modern life can be better achieved. More blood flow, improved your brain, your sight, your hearing, your appetite and with it the enjoyment in food.

But sitting in an armchair and watching life go past outdoors, will hasten the decline.

Our lives are to short than to waste them. While many of us may not have an opportunity to experience a social experiment with 4 year olds, we can do much for ourselves. Go out, watch people, talk to them. Have a hobby and go and share it. Write a blog.

I remember one lady saying that she loved to travel and saw, if I remember right, 68 countries, but this was now over. Actually why? Unless cash is the limiting factor, there is no rteason not to travel. Just not up Mount Everest.

Being old does not mean having to be immobile. You have had many experiences in your life, share them. Talk about what life was in your youth. What you have gained in experience, talk about good and not so good experiences. Meet with other older people. I think almost every council area has activity for older people. And if you feel young enough, join younger groups. You may be surprised how they value your stories. Don’t be condescending, but share. They learn from you and you learn from them.

Get a job. A job with 60, 70, 80? Nobody will employ me. The cut off is at 50, 45.

Maybe if you are looking at it from the conventional way. Butmaybe some employers would like to have the experience of an older person. Maybe even for one or two days a week. Fow a few hours. But the law limits how they can advertise this. But the law does not limit you to take the first step. Maybe form a ‘collective’ of older people in your area, which can offer their skills to employers or communities.

I am running a business, which is greatly struggling from the fall-out of Covid19. But I would love to have an older person in the business, providing me with experience and expertise I do not have. Maybe helping the business going into different directions. Maybe even take on some management aspects. But ho do I find them? I

You may be surprised what is out there. Just try it. Don’t get stuck in the ‘too old’ rut. Maybe you grew up with the idea that at 65 you retirre and that’s it. But times have changed and opportunities have changed.

I like to hear what you think

Actually I did want to write about something else, but this just flowed. So the actual subject in the next chapter.

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