Living with spider

Living in the northern bushland shire of Sydney, one is confronted with many creatures small and not so small. From lizards to spider, ants to mosquitos and geckos.

Many like to share your comfortable home. But they are not always welcome. Except spiders.

This was not always the case for me. I would hunt them, kill them, or try to banish them from the house.

But I learned that, while still creepy to see a hairy leg sticking out from under a window sill or kitchen bench, it is better to tolerate them.

Yes, shoo them away for the moment. Get them out of sight. But in the dark of the space or the night, they hunt. Hunt all the other creatures you don’t like to see in the house.

So I don’t love them. But tolerate. Its good for both of us, unless they dare to walk across the TV screen or my bed…

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