Aircraft within an airport

Being a frequent traveller, at least until Feb last year, visiting an airport always was something special for me. The atmosphere, noises, excitement…..everything, which goes with the beginning of a new journey.

So being grounded by the pandemic has had a double impact. Sort of, making you feel lost, somehow. Thrown into a vacuum.

With an International travel ban imposed, it was not even possible to drop in at the international terminal to have a snoop around. Well….maybe many of you may find it strange, but having been on an international flight every 4 to 6 weeks, makes one yearn to get at least close to an aircraft.

But last Monday, I was on a business trip in Canberra, Australia. I had to pick up a business associate, who flew in from Melbourne. So I took the opportunity to get inside the airport terminal. While devote of the usual crowds, a steady stream of people came through, though.

I must tell you, it was an amazing feeling to get into these cavernous halls, get a whips of aviation fuel fumes and the feeling of adventure….just great. A feeling of normality even.

But what I was wanted to write about is the fact that most airports nowadays resemble more of a shopping centre with gates attached. More like Woolworth, Ikea and a food court combined, much less than an airport. Often these facilities are so devote of anything aviation, that one could think the operators are ashamed to have anything to do with planes. Maybe. Some may think more about the cash they can generate, though 2020 would have provided a very poor harvest.

Anyway, I was glad, getting into the Canberra Airport since there was actually a plane on display. An old warplane, but nether the less. One could say, that sometimes traveling on LCC’s is more like a battle and therefore it was appropriate to see the aircraft being on display at the arrival side of the LCC’s. But this would be cynical. Anyway, I was glad to see this ‘old’ thing. Just wish that many more airports would remember more of its origins, a departure and arrival place of adventurous travelers and not shoppers with suitcases.

But for now, lets hope that soon we can get unmasked back into the air and enjoy the splendid views the world has to offer…. sorry, I forgot. Be quick to get the glimpse before the flight attendant or your seat neighbor pulls the window shades down, since they prefer the inflight movie. Have a great journey.

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