The charm of old factories

There is something about old factories. Factories which have seen better times. Factories, which have been shut down because they were uneconomical. Because they were no longer environmentally friendly. Because…… .

All over the world we can see these abandoned complexes. Many of those could be found in the previous DDR, East Germany, but almost in any part of the world. Some of these found their way into movies and TV series as backgrounds for action and crime movies, some as backdrop for creative photography, some for fashion shots. But most are just rotting away until one day someone buys the land and pulls it all down.

All these old factories did sustain the hope and ambition of complete towns and regios. They provided the livelyhood for hundreds or even thousands of families. So whenever you pass any of them, don’t just see them as ruins, but as monuments for the industrial revolution, the achievements of mankind, the risk taking of entrepeneurs and a past gone by. For me they have something sad-romantic.

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