Planes you may never see again

Being a bit of an aviation fan, I have a selection of aircraft pictures going back close to 60 years. Here are some gems, you will never see again ( unless in a museum somewhere).

Swissair Convair Metropolitan at Stuttgart Airport
LTU, which later became Air Berlin, now defunct, used a range of Caravelles for tourism charter.
Swissair Caravelle in Zuerich
SATA of Ecuador flew a number of ex-Alitalia Caravelles. I flew in this one from Quito to Guayaquil
Ecuatoriana Boeing 707/720 at take off in Quito.
Sabena Boeing 707 on landing in Frankfurt
Avianca Boeing 720 in Quito
BAC one-eleven at landing in Frankfurt. These aircraft flew the Berlin shuttles.
A300 B4 in Melbourne
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 in Sydney

all images are copyright NCAS_48

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