Australia’s history by facades

Travelling through Australia’s country towns, one can get interesting insights by just looking at building facades and gables.

Different to the big city, where many old architectural gems have been snapped up by developers and replaced with shiny, new, but expressionless buildings, the country towns have much less undergone such treatment.

So it is with a great delight that I like to lift my gaze from footpath and shopping window level, towards the roofline. There you can see many stories told about the towns colorful history and previous occupants.

While other businesses residing there and other people live within these walls now, past occupants have left their mark, for all to see and forever, until such time town planners have different ideas or developers pull down the building.

Maybe time to invoke a rule that, while the rear of a building may be torn down, unless the buildings interior is of historic significance, but the facade must be preserved and newer, expressionless buildings need to be attired with a more fitting one. One, which incorporates the historic ambiance and significance of the location.

If this were to go hand in hand with building height restrictions and advertisement regulation, each of our country towns would become beautiful gems, each telling its own story. This may bring back more people wanting to live here, than any pandemic may achieve. May keep more younger people in town, because of pride in their birthplace and opportunities for the future, since every growing community offers new chances, new developments and increased self sufficiency.

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