The Atlas of Beauty

I read about this book in a review and got curious by the story behind it.

Since I am as well in photography, I ordered the book.

This book, this project, is more then the title promises. Every page tells an as amazing story, as the one of the photographer, Mihaela Noroc herself.

Each of the portraits can be viewed without explanation and some seem to jump of the page into your mind.

Some are like paintings from historical artists.

Reading the many comments and explanation will make you feel empathy. But make you also question the prejudices we have been taught against different societies and cultures.

Each of the stories tells about the amazing strength and resilience and willpower of women all over the world. And they are all beautiful, all in their own, individual way. Reading through this book, one want to meet each of these women and hear their life stories first hand and many a times wishes to have the means helping them in their endeavours or against the hardships they may endure.

This book is a jewel every photography aficionado should own and go over it again and again.

But what strikes me most is, that the kindness and empathy by Mihaela, which is at times so eloquently expressed in her comments, reflects in each and every pair of eyes of the women she photographed.

This is a book, which story should be told in multi-media, multi-vision and film. Shown everywhere in the world and proceeds should go back to all the women, who make this world a better place.

Norbert Schmiedeberg

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