A good shopping story

Two and a half years ago I was in Frankfurt, Germany to attend an exhibition.

I decided that it would be a good idea to buy a pair of trousers in the Frankfurt city centre. I went to a well known brand shop, because I had bought the brand before and was happy with it. The sales staff found a suitable pair for me, but as usual it needed some adjustments.

This would take three days, as the in-house tailor was very busy. The only problem, I was leaving town next day.

Despite the fact that it was already 7 pm, the sales staff contacted the tailor to see what could be done.

Since the alterations were small, it was agreed that they would do them first thing in the morning. I should come back at 10am, so I could catch my 2 pm flight.

At 10am there were not quiet ready. So I told the staff I would go to the coffeeshop across the shopping passage and come back in 30 min.

To my surprise, while I was nursing my coffee, a staff member from the shop came over to bring me the trousers. But not only that, he paid for the coffee.

Now that is, what I call customer service.

And I will certainly buy from that brand again.

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