Two days ago I posted a fork lift for sale on Gumtree. The first response came quick. (Red flag) To quick. The buyer pretended to be a doctor and to buy it for a nice. (Red flag). Asked if we could communicate by e-mail, bypassing Gumtree/eBay security. I provided an e-mail. Again to quick, since the person claimed to be busy (another red flag)Asked about condition and agreed to the price. No haggling (unusual!). Wanted to pay EFT and asked for bank details. No contact details, no delivery address. But claimed the unit would be collected…After saying that we needed details for tax purposes, info came 5 hours later. Remember the earlier hurry. Checking we found: The name of the person linked to a business which has the ABN number cancelled in 2018. A google map search did show a private property. Question why would by someone 900km away buy a second hand fork lift ($5000 sale)? Also provided a licence number (unusual at least)….I did not engage further and there was no further follow through. A scam? Most likely. How would it work?

Here is my take: you agree to the sale and provide the bank details. A doctored transfer receipt will be e-mailed to you. Remember the buyer preferred EFT over PayPal. But the money never comes. In the mean time people to collect the goods turn up. Since the buyer claims to be a long way away, they will pretend that the pick-up also comes from far away. So pick up is here, but the money not. You ring the number provided and the buyer promises that the money was send and it is possibly just a bank delay. Please, since the pick up came such a long way, let them take the goods, in this case fork lift. You give in. Result: Fork lift gone, no money, no trace since everything incl. licence and other info were fake or stolen.–makes sense?

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