The dynamic of Black&White photography

There is something with B&W photography. I remember the times, when colour became affordable and B&W was regarded as old fashion. But nowadays, being flooded by colour, often as crass as possible, we enjoy not only the serenity of the black and white imagery, but appreciate the dynamic and the focus on ‘what really matters’. Digital has made it easy to convert colour to b&w and some tweaking in photoshop makes the result even better. Of course if you can afford the Leica M B&W dedicated camera, you enter a different ball game altogether. In particular since you got to ignore colour. If your camera has b&w mode, turn it on and try seeing in Black&White and all the grey tones in between.

Stormy coast in New Zealand
Valley in Bhutan
Takayama, Japan
Sunset over Sydney Harbour
Alpine road in New Zealand
New Zealand
Ginza, Tokyo
Makuhara Messe, Japan

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