Chile 1982

Back in 1982 I was on my way from Germany to settle in Australia and choose to have some holiday in Brasil, Chile, Easter Islands and Tahiti before settling at the big island in the south.

Chile was an sobering experience. Mainly, because it was winter and secondly the country had been hit by some very bad weather, resulting in flooding in the south and in Santiago.

Of corse many countries can look bleak in winter, but there was something else. One could feel the after effects of years of opression and a curious reluctance for the locals to engage with foreigners.

Of course we have had also some great days, travelling further north, up the cast line.

Chile 1982

The picture today features a small twon scenery, north of the capital Santiago. The black&white image with the slight sepia tinting enhances the bleak appearance. The guys lounging in the doorway seem to be unemployed. Ironically, this could possibly also be an image taken during the Covid19 pandemic, except that there may be more modern cars around.

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