Changing of the guard

In the world of aviation, changes of aircraft for newer models is all to common. At Lufthansa, aircraft usually have a name, which can be a city, a state, a country, depending on the size of the aircraft.

A while back I was landing in Frankfurt and during taxiing I saw a Boeing 747-400 parked, clearly on the way to either another airline or into storage and retirement. Now that is not such a special occurence. But I looked up the details, using the registration and found that it was the old Rheinland-Pfalz (s astet in Germany). However when we wanted to turn in to the terminal, our flight was forced to wait to let a new Boeing 747-800 series pass.

As the aircraft came closer, I could see its name. Yes, you guessed it. Rheinland-Pfalz.

This aircraft was relatively new at that time.

A lovely experience to see on the same day, the plane on its way out and the replacement namesake.

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