Februar already

December and January have certainly been challanging times in Eastern Australia with the wildfires and thousand detrayed homes and half of a billion native animals destroyed. Bush fires are a normal in Australia and they are essential for the propagation of certain species. But this years fires not only exceeded the norm, but the season started much earlier.

It was even predicted that the fire season could last much longer then normal. Right now it does not seem to be the case after the drenching the east coast got in the last 10 days. But of course, this does not mean that the heat will come back witha vengance and strikes another blow, before finally autnum and winter set in.

What is amazing is, that there are still so many nay-sayer to the issue of climate change. Of course the fires and floods are not purely the result of climate change. But the severity seems to be. The fires were only possible because of a preceeding, prolonged draught, which left forests and pastures bone dry. Right conditions for a fire to get hold.

Again we have had draughts. But not really at these length. We had fire seasons, but not at these lengths. But we had an overall increase of temperatures. All this suggests that a change in climate is taking place. Climate change however is not to blame. The prople, companies, governments, which do nothing against it, are.

At this point I love to enter the coal fire power station debate with a simple question.

“If alternative power generation methods also have environmental impacts, directly or indirectly, i.e. the ‘mining’ of lithium, why is is not possible to make coal power stations clean? We have catalysators in our cars to filter pollutions out. Why can we not have filters in coal power stations?

We will need energy for a long time. Lots of it. A wholesale replacement of coal fire stations seems questinable right now. But why can we not make them cleaner and therefore gain time to deploy alternative technologies in a studied, controlled and responsible way. Create a better balance. The typica Hau-Ruck method, we seem to use nowadays may in the end make matters worse.

And talking about responsible. Why is it not possible for the automobil industry to develop a ‘common’ battery system, which is a) compatible between different brands and models and b) can be exchanged in minutes.

Current service stations can then charge and service the ‘exchanged’ battery packs and drivers can be on the road in a fraction of the time. Much lower cost charging facilities can be developed and deployed and the range issue of electric cars dissappears. If the industry can not do this on their own, maybe governments can mandate this. But of course current govenments around the world seem to having nothing like this on their mind. The continuation of their political carrer and the included benefits seem to be of higher priority, not to talk about the power which seems to make polititians giddy.

Have a nice day.


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