How a $5.00 item may want you not to deal with a company ever again.

Customer service is always a difficult subject. When is too much and when do you alienate a customer by not providing it.

On the Friday before Christmas 2019, I bought 2 Osram oven replacement lamps at our local Cetnaj store in Hornsby (Australia) . This is a store which deals with electricians and usually professional user. Value of the bulbs: $5.00 each.

These lamps are supposed to last 10,000 hours, but one just made it only to 2 hours.

Since it was just before Christmas and only a quick cash sale, a receipt was not offered or asked for. But by the way, who keeps a receipt for any replacement lamp anyway?

Unfortunately, the shop was closed over the Christmas holiday and only opened today, January 6. So, I dropped in to get the lamp replaced. I did show them that the lamp had no usage mark and that a filament had just come off.

The young chap which served me asked for the receipt. I said, that I had non and non was issued. Now it went like talking to a robot.

“I need the receipt.”

“ This was a cash sale and I do not have one”

“I need the receipt”.

“I said, I think the man over there on the computer served me”

“I need the receipt”

At this point I lost it, told them to throw the bulb into the bin, left and swore I will never buy from them again, even if it means driving 10-15 minutes to the next electrical pro-dealer.

OK, it is only a $5,00 item, so what?

And, no, it is not the monetary value which counts here, it is the attitude.

I am sure the dealer gets the bulb replaced once they see the next Osram rep.

The issue is a lack of customer service.

By the way: When do you keep all receipts for any small item, which may go wrong? You don’t.

I think they should have shown some goodwill and replaced the bulb.

But for now, they will never see me again and I will tell everyone about this. They win $ 5.00 for them but loss of maybe hundreds or even a thousands of dollars down the track. As a local business we bought plenty of product over the years from them. Now we go somewhere else.

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