Autnum in Korea

We see South Korea usually through a different looking glass. We tend to see a highly technical society which engages in mobil communication, in densly populated cities.

We see a society which has managed with tremedeous effort the step from a poor, dictator driven society to one of the leading technology countries in less then a generation timespan.

We see Korea as a country of the DMZ, Korean BBQ and BimBimBab, Korean Air (and some of the headlines in recent years), or the crash of Asiana in SFO (retold several times in the media). The home of…….. .IMG_2337

We usually do not associate South Korea as a beautiful tourism destination. But visit South Korea at any time during the year, leave the bigh concrete and glass filled cities and venture into the countryside, you will be as surprised, as I was, about what this country has to offer. Admittedly communication can be problem at times, but English is tought in schoold nowadays and more and more young Koreans can help you to get around. They may just be a bit shy trying their English.

So it is worth to venture into some of the unknown and discover a diverse and colourful country with a long history and history sites. It is worth it.

By the way, this is not an advertisment of the Korean Tourisn bureau.

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