97% of the state of New South Wales in Australia are in drought. Even if it rains along the coast, inland it is bone dry, with towns and villages running out of water.

Now, this is not new. The above picture was taken on a friends farm about 25 years ago. Another drought. As bad as the current one, at least for the farmers involved, but not as bad as the current one, which covers large parts of the continent.

Global Warming has been blamed for this devastating and prolonged event. Now, there are lots of disbeliever. But last week I saw a virtual reality presentation at the National Museum of Australia about Antarctica. Right at the end of the show, a graph was presented, showing the link between carbon dioxide and fluctuating temperatures on earth, over a hundred of thousand years time span.

Highly consistent. But what got me were the last 100 years, where the average level of particles in the atmosphere increased. Where the chart started to spit from the consistent link.  This massive increase of carbon dioxide particles makes it all to clear that we are heading into unknown.

Any doubter of climate change must surely be convinced that something is is happening, after seeing this graph. Only that I do not remember having seen it like this anywhere before. Over a long time span not an enlarged 100 year one.

Of course, we can not stop the earth, nor the industry, nor life as we know it. And any ‘hau ruck’ action, may make things only worse. Only affluent societies will have the means to invest in new technologies and better solutions. Going back to a lifestyle 100 or 500 years ago, may equally not be sustainable, because at those times we have had much smaller populations. Burning timber for heat and cooking, may in the end produce more gases and problems.

We can not stop flying. Even if aviation is creating a lot of green house gases right up in the atmosphere. At fuel consumption of 4.5-6 ltr per passenger per 100 km, this is still much less, then  the 8-15 litre the average car consumes in the city with just one person inside.

What we need is investment in cleaning up currently ‘dirty’ polluters. Filtering the coal burning power stations, deploying alternatives where it makes sense and does not harm the environment otherwise (such as bird killing wind turbines or environment damaging lithium harvesting).

Yes, we need to force the politicians and masters of the industry to act. But logical and well thought solutions will solve the issue. Anything else may just lead to the opposite and we may have even longer droughts.

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