one year on

One Year on, almost, I received a Cochlear Implant after having lost hearing in one ear to a virus infection. It was an interesting experience. Not quiet achieving what we expected, since some of the hearing nerve end seem to be damaged beyond recovery, but on the other hand, I would miss the device if it was not there (something my surgeon predicted).

So if you have hearing issues and a Cochlear implant can help, do it. In Australia it is deemed to be a prosthesis and covered largely by health insurance (pls. check wit your own fund). I paid less the $1,000 for a $30,000 operation and technology.

And, what I was fearing did not come true, nobody ever made a comment about the cable, which apparently comes out from under my hair and leads to the hearing device…a great relieve.


One year on…..sure you have your own stories to tell. So enjoy the New Year and make the best out of it.

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