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Chile 1982

In 1982 I travelled from Brasil to Chile on my way to settle in Austrlia. Chile at that time was still in the aftermath of Pinochet’ military rule. The people were often reluctant to talk, in particulr in Santigo. The country did show severe neglect in some locations, but compared to Brasil, Chile was extremely orderly. Travel by bus was safe and one would not be afraid of ones survival on the road. During my stay the country was affected by floods, in particular in Santiago and the South. Stopping my plan to travel by train to the south. Instead taking a bus up north into the desert area.

Chile 1982

Like Cuba nowadays, Chile was a paradise for lovers of old cars. Anything from Citroen 2CV to American gas guzzlers, plus a range of old trucks. Though long distance busses were surprisingly modern with brands like Mercedes and Setra.

On the other hand is was not surprising to see horse carts in use for both cargo and passenger use.

A 300 COCKPIT L1220211
Airbus A300 Cockpit view at the Airbus Museum, Toulouse
File 17-2-18, 02 41 16
Early morning arrival to Sydney
Clouds over glass
Clouds over glass – modern wold
michelago train

steam experience at michelago railway near Canberra, Australia

Girls on the rocks, Sydney, Manly, Australia
Sunflower field near Korat in Thailand
China before modernisation
Large lokomotive of Australian Railway at Goulburne Raildepot

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